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‘सैफ़ी’ तब जा कर कहीं तेरी होगी ईद

Mulla Naseeruddin Modern Tales -1

The security staff at Konya airport looked at him in surprise, he has seen his caricature somewhere for sure. He couldn’t recollect. He checked the Turkish Airline boarding pass again, the elderly gentleman’s name read Nasredin Hodja. He stamped the pass & handed it over to him. The old man flashed his perfect white teeth… continue reading

Life, times and Sufi poetry of Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmad

Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed was a renowned saint and founder of Khanqah-e Niyazia and the Niyazi Sufi Order. Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed was an Alvi Syed from his paternal lineage and a Rizvi Syed from the maternal side. His forefathers belonged to royal family of Bukhara (present day Uzbekistan).Among his forefathers Hazrat Shah Ayaat-ul-lah Alvi… continue reading

Basant: The day hope lived in Nizamuddin Auliya again

There was a day when hope died in Nizamuddin Auliya’s khanqah. That was the day he buried his nephew Taqiuddin Nuh, the apple of his eye, quite like his favourite disciple, Amir Khusro, court poet of the sultans of Delhi and master musician. The master grieved. He had not known grief such as this; this… continue reading

A Brief History Of Khanqah Kazamia Qalandariya,Kakori Sharif

Muslim Sufi ideology had been spread by the saints who came from various Islamic countries. The cultural and religious atmosphere of India was very favorable for Sufism which has a power to move the minds towards humanity and philanthropy. Quran teaches us that we must love God and the effect of which produces love for… continue reading

Bruce Lawrence’s Morals for the Heart: You may not see Nizamuddin but you can hear him

Amir Hasan Sijzi came to his master Nizamuddin Auliya looking worried. It was Friday, September, 19 1310, he writes in Fawaid Al Fuad. “I obtained the benefit of kissing his feet. In this week I was distressed because there had been an interruption in my salary’s payment. As soon as I called on the master,… continue reading