Articles By Yusuf Shahab

Syed Yusuf Shahab is a heritage enthusiast currently residing in Delhi. He is Graduate in Political Science and Post Graduate in Tourism & Travel India from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. He is the founder of heritage walk organization "Sair E Dilli" and conducts heritage walks under his organization. He left his commercial hotel sector job for pursuing his passion for heritage as an activist and making awareness through his walks. He is affiliated with the family of 15th century Sufi, Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Fariduddin Tavila Bukhsh Chishti R.A (d.1491AD) of Bihar as one of his direct descendent.

Hazrat Imam Rabbani Shaikh Ahmad Farooqi Al-Sirhindi

The Land of Hindustan is an abode of Sufism and Dargahs. In India, faith is the strongest bond that cements the social fabric amongst people and this is the reason why Sufism as a spiritual path in the Indian sub-continent. Sufism in India shows the path not only to enlighten Muslims, but is also followed by people… continue reading

Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Fariduddin Tavile Bukhsh Chishti

Eighty kilometers south-west of Patna is small village Chanpura that’s a part of Bihar Sharif, Nalanda District. It has a shrine of a medieval Sufi saint of Chishti order who is widely popular as Tavile Buksh. The medieval Sufis traveled all across the Islamic world, usually on the instructions of their spiritual masters. In the… continue reading