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हज़रत मुन्इ’म-ए-पाक अबुल-उ’लाई-शाह हुसैन अब्दाली इस्लामपुरी

आपने अपनी सारी ज़िंदगी फ़क़्र-ओ-फ़ाक़ा में बसर की।और रहने के लिए मकान नहीं बनाया और न मुतअह्हिल हुए। आप उमरा से मिलते थे और न नज़्र क़ुबूल करते थे और न अपने पास रुपया पैसा ही रखते थे।

Bruce Lawrence’s Morals for the Heart: You may not see Nizamuddin but you can hear him

Amir Hasan Sijzi came to his master Nizamuddin Auliya looking worried. It was Friday, September, 19 1310, he writes in Fawaid Al Fuad. “I obtained the benefit of kissing his feet. In this week I was distressed because there had been an interruption in my salary’s payment. As soon as I called on the master,… continue reading

Rang De, Amir Khusro’s ode to Nizamuddin Auliya, by Chand Tara Orchestra moves the heart

It was December 12, 1319, the ulemas were getting more and more irritable. How could Nizamuddin Auliya dance and weep to Sama, just like his master Shaikh Farid? This issue of music had been boiling. The ulema wanted it banned. Nizamuddin’s disciple Amir Hasan Sijzi spoke at his master’s assembly: “This group that denies Sama,… continue reading

In conversation with the Guardian saint of Delhi, and the mystic of Sindh Farid Ayaz..

I had met Farid Ayaz Saab in 2012, while gatecrashing in a private concert hosted by an MD of a large private sector bank in Lutyens, Mehrauli with a promise to the event managers that I was least bit interested in the free food & liquor, only wanted to listen to Farid saab live. He… continue reading

Nizamuddin Auliya: The Dervish of Love

Faith. And love. It is all that matters in this courtyard. Bibi Zuleikha’s father, Khwaja Arab, was a man of riches in Bukhara when the Mongol Chinghiz Khan eyed the riches of the city. He sacked Bukhara, looted its wealth and murdered thousands. Bibi Zuleikha, Khwaja Arab and their family escaped the bloodbath and fled… continue reading

A faqir has no religion – there is only Haq and love, says Sain Zuhour

His expression rarely changes. His face is gaunt and wrinkled; he seems lost in another world; his eyes are sunken, but look right into you. “God did not create religions to divide Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Sufis only believe in God; nothing else matters.” This is the belief of a faqir – Sain Zuhour. At… continue reading