Qawwalon ke Qisse-1 Munshi Raziuddin ka Qissa

Munshi Raziuddin had once come across an old man who spoke only Gujarati, in Madinah during one of his visits. Reportedly the old man had approached him with ‘Baba, please pray on my behalf, I heard somewhere that the Prophet Mohammed and the Almighty only understands Arabic. But I speak only Gujarati, please help.’ Seeing the old man almost on the verge of tears Munshiji replied, ‘Who told you about that Arabic thing? The Prophet only understands Gujarati.’ The old man was ecstatic in joy, ‘Eisa kya?’ He Started rattling off in a prayer in rustic Gujarati.

Munshi Razuddin leant on his shoulder and muttered, ‘Ya RasoolAllah, please respond to this pure heart and his prayers, and as an additional request please listen to mine as well.’

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