Articles By Arun Prakash Ray

A professional who trains people in behavioral sciences and leadership during the day at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, it does not take him any effort to don the robe of a music lover at the end of his working day. Call him a ‘teacher by the day, student in the after hours!’

Mulla Nasruddin Modern Tales- 3

It was a smooth touchdown in Kuwait. After a brief wait, he boarded a flight to Delhi. Nasruddin was standing in the boarding queue, a burly man from the airport security team was having an intimate chat with a lissome ground staff. The security guy was from Swat valley, and the girl was from Chennai…. continue reading

Mullah Nasiruddin Modern Tales -2

A street cat approached him for some food. He bought a pack of biscuits from a nearby store and started feeding the cat. Cats are everywhere in the streets of Istanbul. The cat finished the entire packet of cream biscuit. He smiled remembering an incident a week back, when his wife had told her the… continue reading

Mulla Naseeruddin Modern Tales -1

The security staff at Konya airport looked at him in surprise, he has seen his caricature somewhere for sure. He couldn’t recollect. He checked the Turkish Airline boarding pass again, the elderly gentleman’s name read Nasredin Hodja. He stamped the pass & handed it over to him. The old man flashed his perfect white teeth… continue reading

In conversation with the Guardian saint of Delhi, and the mystic of Sindh Farid Ayaz..

I had met Farid Ayaz Saab in 2012, while gatecrashing in a private concert hosted by an MD of a large private sector bank in Lutyens, Mehrauli with a promise to the event managers that I was least bit interested in the free food & liquor, only wanted to listen to Farid saab live. He… continue reading